Peacock Opal and Baroque Fresh-Water Pearls


This is a 26 inch, hand-knotted, necklace made of Peacock Opal and Baroque Fresh-water pearls with silver accent beads.

Peacock Opal is a man-made gem. It is hydrated Silicon dioxide, with additions. It has the same chemical and physical makeup as natural opal, with the addition of selected metal ions to provide color.

Currently I can get beads in Blue (a light indigo), Peacock (teal blue-green), Yellow, Topaz, Red, and Crystal White. I can get round opal beads in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm sizes, and I am talking to the manufacturer about getting larger sizes. We will see what happens. (A 14mm focal bead backed up with 8mm supporters….)

Baroque Fresh-water pearls (aka Rosebud pearls) are cultivated in the mantle of a mussel using the same inoculation technique used to make Cultured Pearls in salt-water oysters. Fresh-water pearls will readily pick up color from the mineral content of the surrounding water; and, since they grow a bit faster that salt-water cultured pearls, they are more likely to be asymmetrical and less smooth, i.e. Baroque and interesting. I personally like Rosebud Pearls because they give texture to the necklace, showing off the round gemstone beads in a way that other inter-gem beads don’t.